A world of images, a life of dedication, a unique sensitivity to finding the balance between light, colors and subjects, Walter Giordani has a gift for capturing images that inspire.

Born and raised in Argentina, Walter discovered the power of the visual arts and photography as a means of communication after being lured by a drawer full of black and white prints, that took him back to each moment the images were capture.

After studying photography and cinematography in Argentina for a few years, he then moved to the United States to continue his career at UCLA and Santa Monica City College in Los Angeles.Walter has honed his artistic ability in a way that enabled him to collaborate with a number of advertising agencies, design firms, editorial assignments and film productions, developing a strong relationship with his clients by demonstrating the utmost professionalism, for over twenty years.

Walter’s skills and talent have been recognized by PDN (Photo District News), IPA (Lucie Awards), and Photography Masters Cup among others prestigious awards.